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Since 2006, Youdede develops platforms together with creating company identities. We do it with passion and dedication.

By combining innovative technologies and an agile working method, our processes can respond quickly to your ever-changing demand. All our services, as well as everything we do, is done from the perspective of your end users.

Our experience allows us to greatly rely on instinct. We decide and work quickly, at the pace of development, combining flexibility coupled with efficiency.

Every customer is a human being with his/her wishes and expectations. We strongly believe that understanding the humanity of companies is the best way to identify with their needs. Empathy is Creativity and we show it with our work.

Francesco LisandroFounder

The Process

Our process is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your needs. With this intention, we build products that create measurable value on time as well as on budget.


The discovery phase aims to answer one crucial question: do we have enough information to move forward? This involves an exploration of the tech involved as well as the highlighting and test of early concepts.


Based on early research, we build out concepts besides iterate on them. Consequently, we prototype with various tools to bring ideas to a visual reality. In short, the design part gives a more complete story of the product interfaces and interactions.


This is where the coding happens. We plan and deliver in sprints. According to the design, we deliver new functionalities on time and within budget. Each sprint results in an increment which is a potentially shippable product.


Here is where we stabilize the product. The objective is to clear out all remaining bugs as well as ensure that the product is working properly on all the required devices. We involve the relevant stakeholders in the final approval of the product.


The user feedback cycle is an important part of the process. We work in collaboration with your business to ensure the application is ready for release. With this in mind, We make sure it is tuned in an optimal way as initially set out.


Youdede does not see a project ending when development is completed. After deployment, if you need, we fix bugs and of course, we can update third-parties as well as implement new functionalities and, of course, monitor the product. Let’s talk.

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