Youdede met Equidam when the company was at the early stage. Equidam did not have a stable and attractive application and a reliable brand for the market. After Youdede, Equidam has become a leader in providing online business valuations.



Equidam provides a cloud-based service to analyze and assess startups value. Its service enables entrepreneurs to compute the value of their business. Equidam helps crowdfunding companies to improve their offer and attract investors. In addition, it offers valuation consultancy services.


  • Financial?Services


2013 - 2016

Clients & Partners

Youdede is one of the best Design and Development companies that I?ve ever seen. This combination is pretty difficult to find and at their high level, extremely rare.

Daniel FaloppaFounder of Equidam


Our tasks involved the overseeing and creation of the product. From the user experience to the development design. We created the brand, the corporate identity and the website. In the meantime, we developed the full application implementing the core algorithm. Everything from scratch. We transposed sketches, wireframes, mock-ups into working code, building reusable code and libraries for future use. We optimized the application for maximum speed and scalability. Additionally, we created plans to implement marketing opportunities for Equidam and its clients.


  • MVP application available after 2 months
  • Creation of the main algorithm
  • Frenetic implementation of functionalities
  • PDF Report generation and style
  • Daily mentorship with the team
  • Creation of advanced charts


  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • HTML5 & CSS (SASS)
  • PHP
  • Angular
  • SQL (MySQL)
  • WordPress


  • Before the business, we created a?lasting friendship.
  • A complex product in all its aspects
  • A beautiful brand
  • A team trained to continue without Youdede
  • A codebase that can be easily extended to allow for new functionalities.

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