Youdede worked with Zorgeloosch, Bol & Boosch and Foove on Rentemiddelingsdesk. Rentemiddelingsdesk is a platform that helps users to save money on their mortgages. Youdede has created a showcase website and a robust application that is both fast and easily testable. The technologies used are Angular, PHP, MySQL and WordPress.


Rentemiddelingsdesk is a fintech company. It focuses on user convenience and transparency. The aim is to give to th user a fair picture of the interest mediation of your mortgage. Rentemiddelingsdesk provides a free and non-binding insight into the possible savings.


  • Finance
  • Mortgages




Youdede has built very complex financial calculations of the Rentemiddelingsdesk in a user-friendly online platform. Unbelievable how he realized this without knowledge of mortgages.

Vijay Duran JimenezGeneral manager at Bol & Boosch


In the first place, we have created the project's website. Second, we have defined a general design process. In the meantime, we have worked on creating the application considering many tech alternatives. Finally, we opted for a WordPress plugin based on Angular. We respected all the deadlines and required functions, creating a pleasant teamwork.


  • Advanced reporting system
  • Advanced input validations
  • Advanced navigation flow management
  • Creation of a scalable core algorithm
  • Advanced Data structures
  • Advanced Custom End-to-end testing manager


  • WordPress
  • PHP & SQL
  • Javascript / Typescript
  • JSON
  • HTML5 & CSS (SASS)
  • Angular
  • Invision & Adobe Suite
  • Trello & Slack
  • Bitbucket & Git


  • We have created something that will help a lot of people to save and recover money
  • A set of fully modular, component-?based Angular app.
  • A pixel perfect generated PDF
  • A powerful WordPress plugin
  • A wonderful website
  • A codebase that can be easily scaled to allow for new functionalities.

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