TransferX - Youdede
TransferX - Youdede
TransferX - Youdede


TransferX was one of our short term experience. We helped them to restyle their website improving the awarness of their brand. We have reached their expectations and satisfied their budget limit. In addition, we had very much improving on the user interaction and, in general, the user experience on the website.



TransferX has a vision to become the first blockchain driven Financial Service Platform for unbanked customers within developing regions.


  • Financial Services




Our tasks: We discussed a lot with the team in order to understand which were the goals of the company. According to these goals, we improved and then converted in a functional website all the available mockups. The website is based on WordPress. We created a custom theme in order to complete the task. It was brief experience but the result is, as always, respectable and we can be proud of it.


  • Understanding of the company?s goals
  • A correct interpretation of the customer’s style desires
  • Pixel perfect translation of the mockups
  • Final achievement of complete customer satisfaction


  • WordPress
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Slack
  • Invision, Zeplin & Adobe Photoshop


  • Pixel Perfect Mockups Translation
  • Clean, Maintenable and Readable code
  • Good improvement of the UX
  • WordPress Custom Theme Creation

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