Youdede worked with Winkler Company BV and helped them to create Winq. Winq is a platform for developing, sharing and distributing digital decision aids. Its purpose is to promote Shared Decision Making for patients and healthcare expert.


Winq focuses on the real-time generation of high-quality information tailored to each specific user. The platform takes the environmental and the user characteristics and gives to both patient and doctor results based on a core algorithm. The platform is entirely cloud-based.


  • Health Care



Clients & Partners

We worked as a team on the Angular frontend implementation. Youdede was able to create complex hierarchical components with ease. To get from UX design to UI implementation, we relied 100% on Youdede and the web application wouldn?t look this great without their work.

Marco WennekerFounder of SoDeSy


Our tasks involved the creation of Angular components respecting the UX designers directives. We created all the components for a backend application as well as the accompanying frontend application. We have dealt with data view techniques. We have managed the user interaction process in the various functs of the application. The method of work was Agile with a continuous delivery process.


  • Creation of specific angular animations
  • Advanced management of routing
  • Building of complex Angular components
  • Implementation of OS and Device Detection System
  • Management of the style in relation to client/server variables
  • Creation of advanced charts


  • Javascript / Typescript
  • JSON
  • HTML5 & CSS (SASS)
  • Angular 5
  • Ngrx
  • C#
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio Team Services
  • .NET Core


  • Youdede created something that’s changing the way people approach their health.
  • A set of complex, higher?level Angular components
  • An advanced Style management
  • A powerful backend system
  • A wonderful user experience
  • A codebase that can be easily extended to allow for new functionalities.

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